courage and fear

Courage is resistance to fear, mastery of fear, not absence of fear.
I saw this quote in one of Reese witherspoon’s movies called « How do you know » and it was mind blowing! I loved it. I might have disagreed with it 4 or 5months ago; but I agree now because my views have changed since my sister’s sickness.

Having the courage to change


Courage is mastery of fear

Courage was something very clear before, it was and I quote myself : « Dare to change when everyone else is scared of the change« , it was also  » courage is to be fearless » but now courage is not about daring anymore, nor about being fearless, it is as the quote says  » the mastery of fear ». Who are we kidding to say that one can be fearless? such word should be banned from the dictinary, because it simply is not possible for Fear is a natural feeling just like hunger or love; one cannot just ignore it or try to avoid it. That is why I have found the quote very inspiring and so true.
Courage makes much more sense when it is about mastering fear, controlling it. It is easier to control something after recognizing its presence, same with fear: one first has to recognize its existence in order to control it, master it and it beautifully becomes that great feeling called COURAGE. « Whenever we can control our fear, we become brave ». and I cannot agree more !!!!!

Mastery of fear as a life experience

Nevertheless, it is easier said than done. And, those who can bring the lesson into practice are brave. As far as my life experience is concerned, I learned how to accept fear, because when faced with a 99% possibility of death you cannot say  » I am not scared » because that would be lying to yourself ( worst kind of lying) what I did was to embrace it and I could magically control it and make it that force that made me stronger than ever. I had the courage to stand when everyone else collapsed when doctors told us that my little sister is going to die I was so scared that I would lose the one person that I love and trust, my only sister, my soul; but I had the courage to stand still knowing that YES Iam afraid but Iam magically facing it and controlling every single muscle of my body, my tears and my thoughts and I made it through the rough times, feeling the courage despite the fear which gave me (still is) Hope and everyone else around me.
Never be ashamed of feeling Fear, it is normal, natural; try rather to embrace it and then you will master it and you will come out with Courage instead.

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