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The initial therapeutic dose is 500 mg twice dailyThis dose can be started on the first day of treatment.

Levetiracetam has minor or moderate influence on the ability to drive and use machinesDue to possible different individual sensitivitysome patients might experience somnolence or other central nervous system related symptomsespecially at the beginning of treatment or following a dose increaseThereforecaution is recommended in those patients when performing skilled taskse.gdriving vehicles or operating machineryPatients are advised not to drive or use machines until it is established that their ability to perform such activities is not affected.

In clinical studies13of adult KEPPRA-treated patients and 38of pediatric KEPPRA-treated patients4 to 16 years of agecompared to 6and 19of adult and pediatric placebo-treated patientsexperienced non-psychotic behavioral symptomsreported as aggressionagitationangeranxietyapathydepersonalizationdepressionemotional labilityhostilityhyperkinesiasirritabilitynervousnessneurosisand personality disorder

The most frequently reported adverse reactions were nasopharyngitissomnolenceheadachefatigue and dizzinessThe adverse reaction profile presented below is based on the analysis of pooled placebo-controlled clinical trials with all indications studiedwith a total of 3,416 patients treated with levetiracetamThese data are supplemented with the use of levetiracetam in corresponding open-label extension studiesas well as post-marketing experienceThe safety profile of levetiracetam is generally similar across age groupsadult and paediatric patientsand across the approved epilepsy indications.

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