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Tofranil is also used to treat nighttime bed-wedding in childrenalong with other therapiesIt is not approved for use in all children.

False ideas scare many depression suffers away from therapy and the quick relief and help these pros can provideLet our experts.

Available evidence suggests that imipramine may be excreted in breast milk and may be harmful to the infant.

Nausea changes in appetite constipation dry mouth fatigue drowsiness nightmares sensitivity to sunlight trouble urinating changes in sex drive sweating.

Tell your doctor right away if any of these unlikely but serious side effects occurmental/mood changese.gconfusiondepressionmemory problemsenlarged/painful breastsunusual breast milk productionirregular/painful menstrual periodsmuscle stiffnessrestlessnessringing in the earssexual problemse.gdecreased sexual abilitychanges in desireshakinesstremorsnumbness/tingling of the hands/feetpain/redness/swelling of arms or legstrouble urinating.

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a typical example of such selective preparatory activity recorded in m1 is shown in figure 8 effective tofranil 25 mg.

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